#FollowOlive :PART 2 (I COME IN PEACE)


Today I write in verse

         neither preaching or cursing.

But I thought I 

                                should probably say this.

                  Kindly,even if in passing 

                                   take time and read this.

                          I come in peace.


 I might not know you 

                                                    but I know what you are going through.

                                                   Every night you plan on your next move:

how you’ll re brand to the next you.

And I agree with you.To be great you have to 

plan your next move.

 Am proud of you for the far you’ve


                                                   It’s worth the applause.

      Worth the attention,

                                                       worth the fame ,

worth the dime ,

                                             the feeling every time you stepped in the scene

and saw all their faces beaming 

                                                complimenting how appealing you 

look in the outfit you saved up so much for.

                                              Or probably not.

                                          Worth every moment you tuned up and 

                                             enjoyed the thrill of causing a riot ,

                                             of doing the unthinkable and making 

                                             a scene so obscene your mother would deny you,

of making out with a stranger in every club

and having quick sex while you are at it,

of poppin pills because your rap artist 

                                                  did it and got ‘marvelously’ wasted

                                                      and because you are part of the cool kids 

                                                     so  …     you follow it like religion??



Worth wasting all your school time,

                          buy clothes,shoes and bags with every dime

  your parents give you to spend on books and upkeep while in tuition??

                        Do you even understand half the words you bite off 

                 the songs that teach you how to disrespect your sisters and look 

                        at every one of them as pigs??

                          teaches you how   to sell your body  in a lustful

thirst that hurts anyone that falls so foolishly prey to it???

                        that turns good girls into whores 

                            because they have been constantly told they aren’t

                              what society deemed as proper women 

if they still had their hymen

                                  and a halo on their heads.

                                              If they have no ass .

No pretty light skin.

                                                 and cannot give head at the back of your 

                                                                    father’s car that you stole for

a rave in Naivasha???


If it’s so cool,

 tell the folks at home.

Shouldn’t they be your number one fans

before all the people on social media??

Family comes first,right?

So why you so low-key

if you are the realest hommie??

Maybe it’s time you planned your next move

and thought of your son or daughter 

and the world they should live in  

that you are busy destroying.

Pick up the pieces.

 I come in peace.
























#FollowOlive : Part 1.


I sit behind my office desk typing this,and all I can think of is “how soon can I get this out to the masses?”.All the madness going around with the youth my age and younger is almost suffocating if not heart-wrenching.My heart goes out to all the families that are affected by the madness.I am torn between two worlds.Being a mother and being a youth.I cant help but feel a lot needs to be done.I know for a fact that the evolution in the entertainment industry is majorly negative than positive.Negative in an appalling and perverse way.Socialites to me are nothing but glorified prostitutes who have decided to sell their bodies as a means to feed their futures.What happened to sanity and moral values??I guess I was left behind somewhere in the years back.I have tried to understand this growing trend but I still cannot seem to subscribe to that kind of thinking as are many youths out here.It is until you encounter this kinds of lifestyle in real life that you will realize that we are actually losing it.

Call it preaching,call it conservatism,call whatever you may but it does not change the fact that you and I are in the middle of this hole we have slowly dug ourselves into.And the most saddening bit about it is we still do not know the repercussions,that are so dire,of all these on a one-on-one basis.A story is told to me of a friend of mine.He was the popular kid,he had the latest drugs in the Kenyan market in his reach.He threw flamboyant parties,he dressed in the finest and most expensive clothing,he owned a luxurious car for one his age.He sold drugs,he had the finest women around him.He had all that and more.I used to look at him in awe and thought he was living the life and the rest of us were just struggling in the system.And that’s how we all look at the celebrities out here.The real story is there is very little sunshine and joy in their lives because they have a facade to keep up with.So many of them are struggling with addiction and self-esteem and finding real love because none of the love they get is real.Everyone wants a bite of their cake.None wants to deal with the baker.And that is the case with my friend.He now runs in torn clothes and paper bags tied to his head like bandanas and the plastics adorned on his fingers like rings.MAD.That is what he is now.He has been to rehab and out.Gotten a bit better then relapsed again to now full-blown madness.

Another story is told to me of a former girlfriend.An East African beauty in every sense of it,with no exaggeration.She was the life of the party,the girl who went to all the biggest events in town and hang out with the biggest in the industry.Because she drew a large following,she had men and women flocking around her and she got all the sexual attention she needed.She learnt to twerk and soon she was on many local music videos.Slowly she rose to fame.Soon we heard she was bi-sexual.Then we heard she was a lesbian.And she made a lot of money from all of this attention she got.Just like so many girls out here.Am sure you know a couple like this.Some are making no money at all but will gladly sleep with any man to get a little cash to do shopping and get the latest hairstyle and look like the celebrities they think are well admired by men.She now is HIV+,very slim,dirty and borrows money from anyone she can at the local shopping center in my estate.


The stories are endless.The pain is real and the reality is its all a dead-end.Many times I have I have tried to pen this but always halt because I think no one will listen.This time around,I have decide to face my fears and give real stories of people I know of personally and give real-life testimonies of the youth who want to send a message to the others falling deeper into this hole.I will do it because it is enough.I have spoken out.Finally.This is my #FollowOlive campaign.



When I started this campaign on my social media sites i.e my Instagram and twitter,most people thought that the #FollowOlive campaign was a way of me to gain followers but that was not quite the intention.Well,yes,#FollowOlive is to gain followers ,but followers to help me spread a particular gospel around to the youth.It’s an undisputed fact that the youth in Africa,particularly Kenya are  losing their authenticity to a culture that is neither real nor beneficial to any of them.

Just like colonialism,the western culture has its merits but the demerits are more.My major concern is in the entire entertainment industry which has been greatly affected by this.By greatly affected I mean majorly on the negative side.It is no longer a matter of dressing,or the new lingo that have come from it but now we have issues like excessive use of drugs.And not just the regular kind of drugs but drugs that only can be purchased by presentation of a doctor’s prescription.Not only that,we have codeine and pills like Cozepam (also known as Diazepam) that are greatly gaining popularity among the Kenyan youth.

Marijuana is now being mixed with cocaine to add the high and is sold just 20 shillings.Making random street interviews in my research,I found that there are so many  drugs that can pass unnoticed by security details at various search points in night clubs and surprisingly to any age group,even as young as 5 years old.For example,the Cozepam is a drug that comes in the pill form.But can be crushed and either sniffed or injected.It is a drug used for short term depression but is now a drug used for leisure by the young people in Kenya.

The influence of the Hiphop culture borrowed from the west is greatly alarming.We will praise a woman who strips naked and twerks for likes and still hate the same person when the repercussions of their actions befall them.We encourage prostitution and still insult,badly,the prostitutes.We allowed the youth to choose their sexual preferences but then we left them to be educated by the world but still blame the gays and lesbians and transgender community for being who they are.We forget to look at things as a societal issue but want to blame a certain group of people for the decisions we are oh so largely part of.

We as a society are failing.Before we blame the junkie,the deadbeat father and mother,the promiscuous girl,the lover of tattoos and piercings,the gay,the lesbian,the transgender,the young mother,the socialite,the drug peddler,the government…we should first blame ourselves for so many reasons because as much as we want to pretend we know what is going on,we actually have no idea of what is going on.Hence the hash tag #FollowOlive.I am making it my duty to bring the truth out to the light and then let you decide which way is right :blame or become part of the solution.






A  girl walks in.Very young she was,probably just hit twenty or not twenty yet.She had her handbag and her shawl and a bottle of water.Sipping it,she looked around as if assessing everyone.Scared.I thought.Our eyes met and I smiled.”Lindsey Akinyi”,the nurse at the reception called.”How old is she?” “two weeks”,I answered trying to rock her to sleep.It was our first clinic since leaving hospital after delivery.”How old are you?” “Twenty.” The girl looked up and smiled again.I was going through what she was.I guess.

A mother at twenty is not exactly how I pictured myself ending up.A mother and a wife at twenty.Just a few years out of high school with a great grade,everyone expected me to be a nursing or psychology student.Or just some focused young lass out there with a proper job in a big company somewhere.I,however,saw myself as an accomplished writer and poet at twenty.”Why not have an abortion??”The question I had to deal with for the first four months of my pregnancy with Lindsey.It was not funny carrying the pregnancy with all those mixed thoughts running around in my mind every second of every minute I nauseated or my bladder was full every half hour,or had munchies every ten minutes.My parents and my sisters were very ashamed that I let them down so badly and so publicly and it had to be in the estate!”why couldn’t you just get pregnant with someone else elsewhere!?It just had to be a guy from the same hood!?A block away??”Well,they never said it.But it was so obvious.

Two years later,I was a single mum.Hustling my way up and trying to feed my baby at the same time.Luckily,my parents were ready to help me out with looking after her while I went to work.I lost and got great jobs.I sold mtumba baby clothes -which I still do,by the way.I sold vegetables,shoes,I ran errands,I broke items.I did almost everything just to make sure my daughter was taken care of in the best ways possible and never lacked.I fought for my baby daddy to take care of our child in all the manners possible including estate and social media drama!A year later,I gave up the struggle and completely moved on.

I am now twenty four.My daughter turns four in September.And every passing day is reason for me to thank my heavenly father the more.Being a young mother,a young single mother or a single mother is hectic.Not many pray for it.Not many see it coming.But when it comes,face it head-on.You can never get what you cannot handle.A famous and legendary musician once said “you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.”Having crossed three years as a single mother,I can never agree more with you Mr.Bob Marley.Life has an interesting way of making you push harder and achieve your goals further.Every situation has a manual.EVEN KIDS!See how hard you work now,would you ever work so hard for yourself if you weren’t a mother?I guess not.Much as there are disadvantages of being a young single mother,such as men wanting to use you with the assumption that you are very desperate because you have to take care of your child,the advantages are more.Like,you get to respect yourself more.Self-respect is the only fuel to success.Cultivate it and watch yourself sore like an eagle.You know why?You will always love yourself first if you respect yourself.You will make more rational decisions because you will focus more on you.And you now incorporates your child/children.Your self-esteem will grow too.What is a woman with low self-esteem?Disaster.You will be too sensitive,too jealous,too lazy,too slow,too grumpy,too rough and very dramatic.You will lose out on so many opportunities that would have been great for you,just because you always think and feel like everyone is competing with you and that everyone is attacking you.I know this for a fact because I have been there.I will not wait till am thirty to change it.I changed it the moment I found out what was slowing me down.

Do not lose your social life.Try as much as possible to be interactive with as many people as possible.The more people you meet,the lesser you beat yourself up for being a single or a young mother,or both.You get to see life from different people’s eyes and with time you realize that human beings will judge your house even when theirs is burning down that very minute!However,do not over-indulge.I remember I once met a guy in my home estate who introduced me to another string of guys who were so insightful to be around.They sharpened my thinking with their stories and I found that after a while,I got so used  to being around them that I became a part of them.  They had nice jobs,wealth of experience dealing with people, but they turned up every single day!!!!I was the only girl around them always for a month,and as much as my intentions were genuine -to learn and hear more about life and to make sure they were okay,it turned around and bit me a good one in the ass!Men will always be men.And some men are so used to womanizing,unfortunately.So much so that they would slander any woman as long as it’s not their relative,at any given time!Especially men who are always high!Getting over that kind of experience could be traumatizing.Could be difficult too.Because you pick up new habits and new ways of thinking.Do not feel too nice and over-associate yourself with a kind of people who would mess you up!No matter how comfortable they make you feel.A cheater never ever loses its spots.NEVER FORGET THAT!NEVER COMPROMISE!Enough tears have been shed already,why look for more??

I hope you will grasp this as a lifeline.It’s a very basic story from an ordinary everyday chic.But IT’S THE REALEST you’ll ever get.I wish I had someone to tell me in depth what the future holds once you are a single mother.You don’t have to grow old to learn.You don’t have to wait till blunders happen to learn.Learn now and better your life and that of your child’s.